Directory of Non-Agricultural Members

Henry's Olives

Henry Robertson

(707) 499-6880

Olives, tapenades, Arbequina olive oil, lemon infused olive oil, saurkraut, fig/prune balsamic sauce, preserved lemons.

Local ingredients sourced from: Claudia's Organic Herbs, Earth N Hands, Luna Farm, Green Fire Farm, Willow Creek Farms, Winnett Vineyards, Neukom Family Farm, Rain Frog Farm, Organic Matter Ranch, Flora Organica, Henry's Olives

Find me at the Arcata Plaza Market, Henderson Center Market, and the Winter Market!


Humboldt Kimchi

Sarah Han

2120 Crystal Way, McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 497-9388
Facebook: Humboldt Kimchi

 Authentic, locally-made, all natural kimchi in vegan and non-vegan options

Ingredients sourced from Humboldt County farms & producers: Willow Creek Farms, Deep Seeded Community Farm

Find us at Arcata Plaza and Wildberries Markets!



Kodiak Catch

Lacey Berns

1620 Kristin Way, McKinleyville, CA 95519

 Custom-smoked salmon caught by us in Kodiak, Alaska. Wild Coho & Sockeye Kodiak salmon, frozen & vacu-sealed

Find us at the Arcata Plaza Market!



Pizza Gago

Pawel Gago

1104 Eucalyptus Rd., McKinleyville, CA 95519
(707) 273-8687
Pizza Gago 

Wood fired pizza (local madrone and oak) using local and organic ingredients when possible.

Locally sourced ingredients include Cypress Grove Cheese, Henry's Olives olive oil, uncured, organic, free-range meats from local producers, and produce from farmers' market growers including McIntosh Farm, Brunner Family Farm, Fieldbrook Nursery, Earth N Hands, Fog Farm, Organic Matters Ranch, Pierce Family Farm, Rain Frog Farm, Sarvinski Family Farm

Find us at the Wildberries & McKinleyville Markets!



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