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Take the Challenge this September at your Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville Farmers' Markets or at the North Coast Co-op in Eureka and Arcata


The North Coast Growers’ Association farmers’ markets, in partnership with the North Coast Co-op, challenge you to up your game in eating delicious, fresh, Humboldt-grown food in the month of September (Humboldt Local Food Month) for the annual Eat Local Challenge. Whether you regularly eat local foods or you are interested in learning more about how to find and cook fresh and local new-to-you ingredients, this “Challenge” is for you! This free and fun Eat Local Challenge invites you to take your interest or passion for eating local even further by choosing a “challenge” level that goes beyond your daily choices and above all makes you think about where your food comes from.

This Eat Local Challenge can be a great opportunity to support our friends and neighbors who work hard to grow high quality foods for our families while also enjoying the health and flavor benefits of eating the freshest food available. Fresh food doesn't just taste better, it actually contains more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than food that has been shipped across the country or world.

At your local North Coast Growers’ Association farmers’ markets in Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville, know that all the produce, meat, eggs, beans and grains come only from farms within Humboldt County (and all are GMO free). Visit the Co-op or your favorite grocery store that carries local foods, and look for shelf tags that tell you which products have been processed locally. If you are challenging yourself to a meal with all local ingredients, take a look at the product labels themselves or the manufacturer's website to see if the sourced ingredients were grown locally as well as packaged or processed locally.

Many of us choose to buy local products regularly, but how many of us have made a meal cooked entirely with locally grown or raised ingredients? Challenge yourself to source more of your ingredients at the farmers’ market or check the produce and meat department tags for foods grown or raised within our county.

Access to quality food should be a right and not a privilege, yet many of us find it hard to fit high quality foods like local produce, grains, meat and dairy into our tight budgets. In addition to cooking ideas and fresh food buying tips, you will find some handy suggestions on eating local foods on a budget when you sign up for the “Challenge”. Cooking meals that feature seasonal items can be a great start on the path to making local food affordable, since items that are in season always have the best prices. Those with SNAP (Supplemental nutrition incentive) EBT cards can use benefits at all Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville farmers’ markets much like using these cards in a grocery store. The Market Match program is available to help stretch EBT benefits even further, matching EBT spending dollar-for-dollar up to $10 each day to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. Vouchers for SSI recipients are also available at these farmers’ markets thanks to a generous grant from St. Joseph Health.

To take part in the free “Challenge”, simply visit your local farmers’ market info booth in Arcata, Eureka, and McKinleyville or a North Coast Co-op customer service desk and choose your “Challenge” level on your pledge card. At all farmers’ markets and on select dates at the Co-op, you will be given an opportunity to spin the prize wheel to win a free mug or t-shirt. We recommend placing your pledge card on your fridge or office bulletin board to remind yourself of your goals and share your experience with your family and friends.



Pledge Levels

Committed Localvore:

For at least one meal per week, I will make a meal with only locally grown or locally processed foods

Lifestyle Localvore:

For at least one meal per day, I will make a meal with only locally grownor locally processed foods

Extreme Localvore:

For at least one meal per week, I will make a meal with onlylocally growningredients

Hardcore Localvore:

For at least one meal per day, I will make a meal withonly locally growningredients


Take the challenge and be localvore at whatever level is comfortable for you. Sign up at your Farmers’ Market info booth in Arcata, Eureka and McKinleyville or at your North CoastCo-Op customer service desk in Eureka and Arcata.


What is “locally grown”?

“Locally grown”, for this Challenge, refers to foods that were grown or raised within Humboldt County like fresh produce, meat, dairy, grains and legumes. It does not include foods that were grown in other places and processed (bottled, canned, baked or packaged here). Locally grown foods provide the maximum economic benefit to our agricultural community and can be the most nutritious and tasty options on the planet!


What is “locally processed”?

These are foods that may not have been grown or raised in Humboldt County, but were bottled, canned, baked, or otherwise packaged here. Supporting local processors helps strengthen our local economy. Plus, we have some truly delicious options to choose from!


Prizes Available When You Take the Challenge at the Arcata Farmers’ Market!

Sign a pledge card for your chance to spin the prize wheel. Prizes include: Eat Local Challenge T-shirts and Mason Jar Mugs, farmer’s market posters and postcards.  


Not all parts of a healthy diet can be grown in Humboldt County. When possible buy spices, condiments, oils and vinegars locally, or make your own!


The Eat Local Challenge can also be a fun way to jump into all the activities planned for the 10th anniversary of Humboldt’s Local Food Month, a county-wide series of events with a focus on local foods. While you are eating Humboldt-grown food, why not take the opportunity to visit local farms, go to food tastings, and attend workshops and film screenings along with some of the many other events that Local Food Month has to offer?! More information on Local Food month can be found at localfoodmonth.org.



More information about the Eat Local Challenge can be found at farmers’ market info booths, at  humfarm.org,  or by calling (707) 441-9999. Information can also be found at the customer service desks and the Arcata and Eureka North Coast Co-ops starting September 1st.

The North Coast Growers’ Association is a 501(c)3 organization



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