Farmers’ Market Internships

Description of the North Coast Growers’ Association (NCGA) and Positions Available: NCGA is a 501 c 3 Non-profit Organization, making significant contributions to the health and well-being of our community. Working collaboratively, NCGA staff and members represent agricultural interests in Humboldt County through community partnerships that promote local and healthy foods, programs that increase access to local food, participation in local and statewide policy-making, and coordinate daily operations for the organization and our five Certified Farmers’ Markets. Available internship positions: Farmers’ Market On-Site Operations Internship, Know Your Farmer Field Trips - Educational Internship, Nutrition Education Internship, Digital Media Internship and Zero Waste Internship.  

Supervisors: Director of Market Operations, Director of Programs, Outreach and Operations Coordinator.

Job Duties and Responsibilities related to these positions include but are not limited to:

  • Assist community members with EBT CalFresh and Market Match transactions and assist other food access program customers at market
  • Help create nutrition education and other farmers’ market resources/materials
  • Assist with social media nutrition education and promotion of small family farms
  • Assist with special events at market
  • Help facilitate on-farm field trips and in-class lessons for school groups
  • Assist with field trip and classroom curriculum development
  • Take photos or videos of farms, farmers and farmers’ markets
  • Help our weekly markets achieve zero waste reduce through innovative special projects and weekly maintenance of our current programs

General Duties and responsibilities:

  • Willingness to become familiar with the philosophy and programs of NCGA
  • Demonstrate maturity and present a good public image
  • Develop skills to work with sensitivity with customers, organization members and co-workers who come from various racial, ethnic, religious, age, ability, gender, and sexual identity backgrounds.

Minimum Qualifications:

Excellent communication and customer service skills. Experience working with diverse populations is desired but not a requirement. An interest in farmers’ markets.

Education and Experience Requirements: These positions may be of special interest to students majoring in Education, Communications, Social Work or Sociology, but students in all majors are encouraged to apply.

Recruitment Period and Length of Internships: Applications are accepted year-round. Keep in mind that only one of our farmers markets operates year round and our four weekday markets operate seasonally (June -October) so at-market opportunities will vary. However, most internship positions have projects that can be completed at any time of year. The length of time for each internship period may vary depending on student availability. The number of hours to complete each internship and the schedule for completion will also depend on student availability as well as the specific internship selected.

Application Process: Send a resume, along with a brief description of yourself and why you are interested in the specific internship(s) for which you are applying. Contact Ivy North:, or Laura Hughes:, office voicemail (707) 441-9999.

NCGA Zero Waste Internship and Volunteer Positions- An Introduction


The Zero Waste volunteer and intern team at NCGA helps consumers, farmers and food court vendors move towards Zero Waste by offering recycling and compost services (in partnership with the Arcata Compost Revolution) while continuously developing strategies for increasing farmer and vendor participation and customer education.

While these internships and volunteer positions are unpaid, they offer many educational components.  Zero Waste Interns at NCGA learn the ins-and-outs of the complexities and opportunities available for zero waste efforts at a large-scale event that draws thousands of customers each week, and hosts over 50 farmer and food vendor booths. Serving as eco-ambassadors to the community and our members, our Zero Waste Team provides a number of services including but not limited to:

  • Helping our markets reduce our weekly waste through direct assistance with our farmers’ market compost and recycling program
  • Conduct periodic waste audits to better understand where we have room for improvement
  • Work with vendors to source eco-friendly packaging that can be composted through available (non-industrial) composting methods or can be recycled
  • Try out new and innovative ideas for reducing waste
  • Provide consistent education and outreach to customers through signage and the creation of educational materials as needed
  • Write articles for the farmers market feature about our Zero Waste projects/ goals/ and provide consumer education
  • Develop NCGA Farmer & Vendor Guides, Statements and Plans for Zero Waste

NCGA lacks a comprehensive, long-term program for waste reduction at our farmers markets including a clear understanding of vendor responsibility and market management goals for our compost and recycling programs. An NCGA Zero Waste Guide for Farmers and Vendors would be of great use to us, as well as a formal Zero Waste Commitment Statement and a long term (5 year) Plan to Zero Waste. These documents may be developed with the assistance of Zero Waste Interns in the coming year.




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