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Interested In Sponsoring A Farmers' Market Band?

Part of what makes our farmers' markets so special is the great local musical talent we're able to provide for the enjoyment of customers and vendors alike! Live music at our farmers' markets contributes to a fun, festive atmosphere and benefits local businesses as well. Full, half and partial sponsorships are available. We invite you to find out more about how you or your business can support the NCGA farmers' markets by sponsoring a farmers' market performance. Call 441-9999 or email

What do you get for your music sponsorship?

  • Your logo included on our "Sponsors" Page
  • Listing as a band sponsor on the music schedule below, with links to your business.
  • Listing as a band sponsor in online calendar listings promoting the performance
  • Recognition in our media promotions and social media posts leading up to the performance
  • Prominent listing as the band sponsor on band sign boards at market (2 boards)
  • Invitation to hang a banner behind the stage on the date of your sponsorship
  • Public announcement and thanks for your sponsorship 3x during the band performance at market.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to be a sponsor this year! Find our sponsors listed within the schedule below, and on our sponsors page. 


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Arcata Plaza Farmers' Market 2017 Music Schedule

Saturdays 10am to 1pm

* this list is updated regularly


4/1/2017: Bayou Swamis - Sponsored by NCGA's Board of Directors

Our first market will feature free live music by the Bayou Swamis, playing your favorite Cajun two-steps and Zydeco stomps, along with classic swing tunes, country standards and traditional '50s rock covers.


4/8/2017: Vintage Soul

Vintage Soul is an energetic, soulful, funky, rhythm & blues group that capture the essence of classic "old school" dance music. They'll heat up the room with groove based intensity and cool it down with soulful serenity. 



4/15/2017: Falling Rocks - Sponsored by Claudia's Organic Herbs

Local classic country and swing.


4/22/2017: Huayllipacha, Music of the Andes

Huayllipacha (pronounced: why-lee-pacha) is a Peruvian musical group and performs traditional and contemporary music of the Andes. As a tribute to their culture, and with respect, honor and admiration of their Ancestors, these talented and dedicated musicians named the group using the ancient language of Inca-Quechua. "Huaylli" means "song of triumph", and "Pacha" means "the earth". To simplify, "Singing to the Earth".


4/29/2017: Ghost Train

Ghost Train plays an eclectic mix of R&B, funk and soul with a hint of rock n' roll.  Ghost Train's musical assemblage includes soulful vocals, keyboard, lead and rhythm guitar, electric bass and drums. 


5/6/2017: The LaPatinas Sponsored by KHSU

High-spirited original music in the classic veins of country, rock, soul, pop, folk, R&B as well as plenty of propulsive covers! 


5/13/2017: Irie Rockers

As musicians rooted in Reggae and hailing from Northern California, we aim to reflect our similar yet unique upbringings through music.  We love our rich musical diversity, so listeners can expect to hear stylistic influences from  RnB, Rock, Funk and Electronica.  Irie Rockers is sure to get you dancing, smiling and having a good time.


5/20/2017: Latin Peppers - Sponsored by Mycality Mushrooms

Hot Latin Dance band based in Humboldt County


5/27/2017: Kinetic Sculpture Race today! Find the farmers' market just off the Plaza on "I" Street near the Co-Op. We will not be hosting live music.


6/3/2017: Lovebush - Sponsored by Humboldt Clothing Co.

Feel the excitement of a full-on funk and Afro-beat band!  Tight arrangements of James Brown and Fela-Kuti, plus original music.  This band brings the grooves to life for the dancers and listeners alike.


6/10/2017: Delta Nationals


6/17/2017: Oyster Festival today! Find the farmers' market just off the Plaza on "I" Street near the Co-Op. We will not be hosting live music.


6/24/2017: Kingfoot - Sponsored by Luna Farm

A unique style of original Acoustic Americana music blending Country, Bluegrass, Russian, Ska, African, Celtic and Rockabilly into a melting pot of great music.



7/1/2017: Motherlode - Sponsored by Willow Creek Farms

Gritty sound of a 10-piece funktrain. Inspired by 70's soundtrack funk, James Browns JB's, Afrobeat and more.


7/8/2017: Compost Mountain Boys - Sponsored by Mad River Brewing Company, Ewe So Dirty, Woody Ryno Farms and Chris's Carnivores

Playing traditional bluegrass music in Humboldt County since 1991. 


7/15/2017: Madi Simmons - Sponsored by Celebrations Tamales & Luscious Gardens

While reggae is his first love, Madi Simmons also sings funk, blues, and whatever he feels. He will bring an eclectic mix to the farmers' market!



7/22/2017: Absynth Quartet - Sponsored by Little River Farm and Neukom Family Farm

Fire Breathing Indie-Grass! 


7/29/2017: Citizen Funk - sponsored by Caravan of Dreams

Citizen Funk's goal is to get the party started, playing a variety of funky dance music including tunes by Tower of Power, Bruno Mars, Prince, and Sharron Jones. 


8/5/2017: Daily Driver

The soulful sounds of Lyndsey Battle's new trio Daily Driver are sure to get you stomping. This banjo-driven pop-grass dance-machine weaves a tantalizing tapestry of vocal harmonies over a solid foundation of string band sensibilities. This Humboldt County super-group not only breathes new life into traditional bluegrass songs and off-the-wall covers, but also features new original works.


8/12/2017: Ju Drum with Seed N Soil- Sponsored by Humboldt Clothing Co.

Conscious reggae band with Afro-beat influences, focusing on playing music that brings positive vibes.


8/19/2017 - Timbata - Sponsored by Organic Matters Ranch

Timbata is an instrumental group that plays Afro-Cuban popular dance music and other African and Caribbean styles.



8/26/2017: Diggin Dirt - sponsored by Humboldt Wholesale

Ranging from Roots Rock Reggae to Afrobeat and Heavy Funk, Diggin Dirt searches the earth for the dirtiest of grooves to make you dance and enjoy every bit of life. You gotta dig that dirt!


9/2/2017: No Good Redwood Ramblers - Sponsored by Humboldt Clothing Co.

Original contemporary bluegrass out of Humboldt County California. Fast paced, technically driven Americana with a pop bend. The No Good Redwood Ramblers are known for their lively performances, soulful song writing and unique collaborations.


9/9/2017: Asha Nan - Sponsored by Flying Blue Dog Farm & Nursery

Soulful blend of Brazilian, African, Reggae, Funk, and Hip-hop grooves.


9/16/2017: North Country Fair today! Find the farmers' market just off the Plaza on "I" Street near the Co-Op. We will not be hosting live music.


9/23/2017: Striped Pig String Band - Sponsored by Shakefork Community Farm & Trident Lightning Farm

“Our favorite gig is a dance, and a hot, sweaty hall is a great thing!” 


9/30/2017: Lyndsey Battle - Sponsored by Humboldt Honey Wine

Lyndsey's unique perspective on life translates to songs that span across genres and appeal to an audience of all ages. Battle is playfuly with both rhythm and melody in ways that challenge listeners to let go of anticipation and embrace what is now.


10/7/2017: Blue Rhythm Revue (Sponsored by Flora Organic) & Pastels on the Plaza

Blue Rhythm Revue's R&B-based funk ensemble has a distinctive and sensual sound that any age group can enjoy. The band explores funk, soul and disco with a smooth collection of dance-floor driven hits like "Brick House," "Chain of Fools" and "Signed, Sealed and Delivered." 


10/14/2017: The Dubba Dubs - Sponsored by Ridgetop Gardens & Organic Matters Ranch

Original reggae dub fusion music



10/21/2017: Object Heavy - Sponsored by KHSU & Trident Lightning Farm


10/28/2017: Bayou Swamis - Sponsored by KHSU

Cajun two-steps and Zydeco stomps, and they also swamp up classic swing tunes, country standards and traditional '50s rock. 



11/4/2017: Freshwater 450


11/11/2017: Jenni & David and the Sweet Soul Band

A bluesy, funky, soulful band from Eureka, California playing originals and a wide variety of other material with influences from King Curtis, The JB's, BB King and Ry Cooder.


11/18/2017: Latin Peppers

Hot Latin Dance band based in Humboldt County



Back in Time...


2016 Music Schedule:

4/2/2016: Bayou Swamis

4/9/2016: La Musique Diabolique 

4/16/2016: Huayllipacha, Music of the Andes

4/23/2016: Latin Peppers

4/30/2016: Asha Nan

5/7/2016: Kingfoot

5/14/2016: Absynth Quartet

5/21/2016: Lyndsey Battle

5/28/2016: Kinetic Sculpture Race - No Music

6/4/2016: No Good Redwood Ramblers 

6/11/2015: Compost Mountain Boys

6/18/2016: Oyster Festival - No Music

6/25/2016: Con Ritmo

7/2/2016: Latin Peppers

7/9/2016: Fire It Up!

7/16/2016: Jenni & David and the Sweet Soul Band

7/23/2016: Ju Drum

7/30/2016: Vintage Soul

8/6/2016: Lovebush

8/13/2016: Falling Rocks 

8/20/2016: Horn Band 

8/27/2016: Pan Dulce 

9/3/2016: Jim Lahman Band

9/10/2016: Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers

9/17/2016: North Country Fair on the Plaza - No Music

9/24/2016: Cold Blue Water

10/1/2016: Pastels on the Plaza - Blue Rhythm Revue

10/8/2016: Timbata

10/15/2016: Delta Nationals

10/22/2016: Striped Pig String Band

10/29/2016: Bayou Swamis

11/5/2016: Lizzy and the Moonbeams 

11/12/2016: Bump Foundation

11/19/2016: The LaPatinas


2015 Music Schedule:

4/4/2015 Bayou Swamis

4/11/2015 Latin Peppers

4/18/2015 Huayllipacha, Music of the Andes

4/25/2015 Cherry Pickers

5/2/2015 La Patinas

 5/9/15 Compost Mountain Boys

5/16/15 Blue Rhythm Revue

5/23/15 Kinetic Sculpture Race - No Music

5/30/15 Dynasty One

6/6/2015 Lyndsey Battle

6/13/2015 Jim Lahman Band

6/20/2015 Oyster Festival - No Music

6/27/2015 Fire It Up!

7/4/2015 4th of July festivities on the Plaza - No Music

7/11/2015 Falling Rocks

7/18/2015 Pan Dulce

7/25/2015 Delta Nationals

8/1/2015 Mad River Rose

8/8/2015 Horn Band

8/15/2015 Motherlode

8/22/2015 Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers

8/29/2015 No Good Redwood Ramblers

9/5/2015 Hip Joint

 9/12/2015 Asha Nan

9/19/2015 North Country Fair on the Plaza - No Music

9/26/2015 Striped Pig String Band

10/3/2015 Pastels on the Plaza - Blue Rhythm Revue

10/10/2015 Pandemic

10/17/2015 Lizzy and the Moonbeams

10/24/2015 Bump Foundation

10/31/2015 Bayou Swamis

11/7/2015 Latin Peppers

11/14/2015 Jenni & David and the Sweet Soul Band

11/21/15 Fire It Up!





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